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Przekroje geologiczne

The frame "Geological Sections" allows to create geological cross sections (fences) with Field Tests and Soil Profiles displayed. Next, the geological interfaces between soil layers, the tables of ground water, the structures and other user descriptions are entered here.

The frame is only available to users with the module "Cross Sections" purchased.

Program allows to define arbitrary amount of cross sections, all of which are diplayed in the table.

First it is necessary to define the required cross section - straight or polygon. Points of geological sections can be defined within the construction site. Should any point be out of the construction site, the geological section cannot be created.

When defining the geological section, points can be placed freely, or it is possible to snap them to the field tests. Graphical input is terminated by double clicking on the same point. After input, the dialog window is opened in the "Topology" mode.

"Geological Sections" Frame

The geological section is defined and edited in a dialog window with several tabs.

The "Geological Sections" module enables to create and publish Geological sections, define geotechnical types of soils and edit soil profiles for easy generation of 3D model.

Drawing of Geological Section

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