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Creation of Geological Section

In this tab, the geological section is created.

In the subtabs we define:

  • Interface of layers of soils, geotechnical soil types
  • Levels of ground water table
  • Structures, auxiliary lines
  • Descriptions in the drawing

"Creation of Geological Section" Tab

When creating interfaces of layers, there is a "Generate" button on the left side of the dialog window. The program detects clear interfaces automatically from the "soil profiles" and generates areas between them. If more then one soil interferes with the one area, then this area is unclear and a soil is not assigned.

On the right side of the dialog window, the drawing of the created geological section is defined. The possibility of field tests drawing is very important - the buttons "Draw all tests" and "Do not draw tests" is used when soil profiles are edited.

In the bottom part of the dialog window, the bottom margin of model is defined. It can be horizontal, paraler to terrain (it is necessary to define depth below the terrain) or arbitrary continuous interface can be used.

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