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Additional Data of Field Tests

In the dialog windows for field tests input, the basic data needed to create the geological model and the basic data required for further calculations in the GEO5 programs are entered.

For users with purchased modul "Logs" it is also possible to enter arbitrary amount of geological data, defined in the "Templates" frame - for each test and also for each layer. These data are important for geological documentation print.

Input of user data

Log style is defined in the "Templates" frame. The data are stored in the global databse - it means that data are preserved when template changing, only some of them are shown - no imported or entered data get lost after template switch.

Using bigger amount of data it is possible to sort it into the groups. Groups are defined when defining field test data.

Editing groups

Vyzkoušejte si programy GEO5. Zdarma, bez výpočetních omezení.