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Buttons on the tool bar allow the user to change setting of visualization on the desktop. The tool bar has different appereance in 2D and 3D mode. The tool bar contains the following buttons:

Tool bar "Visualization" - tool bar appereance in 2D and 3D mode

Functions of individual buttons functions are following:

2D view

  • Applies the 2D visualization mode.

3D view

  • Applies the 3D visualization mode.

Move displayed area

  • Moves the current view in an arbitrary direction - to proceed move mouse in the desired location while keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Rotates the scene

  • Rotates the displayed drawing in an arbitrary direction (3D view) - to move the drawing slide the mouse while pressing the left mouse button.

Shows marked area

  • Shows and scales up the marked region -  the region is selected using the left mouse button.

Modify scale

  • Scales the view such that all objects are visible (pressing the left mouse button).

Pre-defined 3D view

  • Sets the predefined 3D view of drawing (3D view).

2D view

  • View in the direction of the Z-axis

Perspective view

  • Sets the perspective view of drawing (3D view).

Axonometric view

  • Sets the axonometric view of drawing (3D view).

Drawing Settings

  • The button opens the frame "Drawing Settings". The parameters for picture drawing can then be changed in the frame.