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The "Water" frame serves to set the type of a groundwater table. Six options to specify the type of water are available from the combo list.

Inputting the ground water table or isolines, respectively, is identical with the standard input of interfaces.

A field for specifying a value of coefficient Ru or pore pressure appears next to the table if introducing water using isolines of Ru-interfaces or pore pressure, respectively. Pressing the button with a blue arrow next to the input field opens the "Coefficient Ru" or "Pore pressure" dialog window to enter the desired value. It is advantageous to input all values at once using the "OK+" and "OK+". The value of a given quantity found in a specific point between two isolines is approximated by linear interpolation of values pertinent to given isolines. For the "Coefficient Ru" option, the first (the most top one) is always identical with the terrain - it therefore cannot be deleted.

The ground water table (resp. table of suction or original GWT) is specified as continuous interfaces, which can be located even above the terrain.

If the input data in individual stages are different, the program then allows for accepting the data from the previous construction stage of construction by pressing the "Adopt" button.

The program further allows for specifying a depth of tensile cracks filled with water.

Input interfaces of water can be copied within all 2D GEO5 programs using "GeoClipboard".

"Water" frame

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