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Macroelement Dimensioning

The frame "Macroelement dimensioning" contains a table with the input macroelements. Editing reinforcement properties (reinforcement direction and distance of centroid of top and bottom reinforcement from the slab edge can be modified) is performed in the "Modify properties of macroelement dimensioning" dialog window.

When running the dimensioning analysis the program generates values of the following quantities. The analysis is carried out according to the standard set in the "Material and standards" tab.

Macroelement dimensioning can also be modify using the mouse. This inputting mode is activated by clicking an appropriate button on the horizontal tool bar "Dimensioning of macroelements". The following modes are available:

  • Modify

Clicking the left mouse button on already existing solitary point load opens the "Modify properties of dimensioning of macroelement" dialog window, which allows for modifying its parameters.

  • Select

Clicking the left mouse button on the macroelement dimensioning highlights the selected macroelement dimensioning. The macroelement dimensioning is simultaneously marked in the table list. The option allows for editing several macroelement dimensionings at once (e.g. deleting).

The macroelement dimensioning can also be edited on the desktop with the help of active objects.

Frame "Macroelement dimensioning"