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Stability Analysis

The tab allows to input parameters for stability analysis:

  • Earthquake analysis (Standard, GB 50111-2006, NB 35047-2015, GB 50330-2013, JTG B02-2013)
  • Verification methodology (factor of safety, limit states, analysis according to EN 1997, analysis according to LRFD, analysis according to Chinese standards)
  • Design situations are specified for all verification methodologies
  • The "Methods of analysis for polygonal slip surface" and "Methods of analysis for circular slip surface" buttons opens a dialog window that allows to select the analysis method. The program allows to calculate for the selected slip surface (polygonal, circular) all analysis methods. However, some of them are very exotic and known only at the country of their origin. Thus the methods, the user is not interceded in, can be turned off.

Dialog window - "Analysis methods for polygonal slip surface" - selecting the method of analysis

"New settings" dialog window - "Stability analyses" tab