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Active Edges

For a correct generation of the geological and terrain model, the boundary conditions (points heights in corners and edges of the construction site) are very important.

The points and boreholes on edges of the construction site are automatically created when the geological model is generated. First, the z-coordinate of the closest point (or test) is assigned to the construction site points. Then, the nearest borehole is assigned to these points.

This modelling is suitable for flat terrains. In case of slope modelling, the model is not created correctly on the edges, where boundary conditions are not defined. Active edge helps to define a boundary condition on the edges of the construction site.

An active edge is shown in red color.

When a model of terrain is generated, all points and tests with entered z-coordinate in the active edge create an assistant point on the boundary of the model. Connections between points (tests) and assistant points are shown in blue.

When a geological model is generated, all boreholes in the active edge create an assistant borehole on the boundary of the model. Connections between boreholes and assistant boreholes on the edges are shown in orange.

Frame "Construction Site" - active edge settings

The use of active edges is also explained in the example of Construction Site Edges.

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