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Import CPT

The program "Pile CPT", "Spread Footing CPT" and "Stratigraphy" allows importing the CPT results in several formats.

The "Import CPT" dialog window contains a table with the list of imported tests. The combo lists serve to select the type of file and the desired system of units.

*.txt, *.xlsx, *.csv, *.ods


a general text or table format



a data format used in Czech and Slovak Republic, originally from the GeProDo software



a text file standard particularly for Netherlands (used e.g., in programs Geodelft M-Serie), which serves to input elevations of individual points and values of penetration resistance (may contain more CPTs)



a text file Geotech AB CPT



a text file Gouda Geo CPT



a text file Hogentogler CPT



GEF (Geotechnical Exchange Format) is a general language structure for storing and transferring of geotechnical information.

Detailed information available online: https://publicwiki.deltares.nl/display/STREAM/GEF-CPT


a format used for transferring of geotechnical information in Great Britain.

Detailed information available online: http://www.agsdataformat.com/datatransferv4/intro.php

A TXT format allows for selecting a particular system of units to store data of the test. When importing the program automatically converts the adopted system of units to the one used in the program.

For a correct calculation the test must be introduced into the soil body - therefore the window requires us to input an elevation of the original ground. The particular test is then inserted into the soil body according to its specified elevation. If no elevation is given the origin of the test is automatically placed on the original ground.

Providing you use a certain standard of a CPT text file not supported by the program, feel free to contact us at hotline@fine.cz - it will be introduced into the forthcoming version.

Dialog window "Import" (cone penetration test)

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