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Borehole Status

The borehole status determines a relationship between the original "Soil profile" and "Borehole". It is not necessary to know the borehole status for the generation of the geological model, but it is good to know it for a better understanding of the performed modifications of the model.

Frame "Geological model" - Borehole Status

The boreholes can have three status:

Original - the borehole is generated from the soil profile, and it corresponds to its geological profile (which means the same soil at the same depth). The layers below the overall length of the soil profile do not influence the borehole type. The borehole can have an arbitrary number of soil layers with zero thickness - the type is still original.

Changed - the borehole is created from the soil profile, but its geological profile was changed - by a change of soil or layer thickness.

New – this borehole was created separately; it has no relationship to the tests or soil profiles. This borehole can be deleted from the model.

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