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The "Foundation" frame serves to specify the wall foundation type. The following wall foundation types are available:

  • soil from geological profile - the wall is founded on the soil assigned from the geological profile specified in the "Profile" frame.
  • input parameters of contact base-soil - parameters of the contact between the footing bottom and the structure are specified. The "input angle of friction base-soil" option requires inputting a friction angle ψ [°] between the foundation and the soil. The "input friction coefficient" option requires specifying the friction coefficient μ [-]. Both options require inputting the cohesion a [kPa] between the foundation (base) and the soil.
  • strip foundation - strip foundation material is represented either by soil (input in "Soils" frame), or by concrete - requires inputting the unit weight of foundation material γ and parameters of contact base-soil (friction coefficient f, cohesion c, additional resistance F).
  • pile foundation - the wall can be founded on one row of piles or two rows of piles, respectively.

The Strip foundation and the pile foundation can be adopted for the wall foundation only if the wall type with straight footing bottom without jump is selected in the "Geometry" frame. The wall foundation geometry (strip foundation, pile foundation) can be modified either in the frame by entering specific values into the inputting fields or on the desktop by using active dimensions.

The input data introduced in this frame influence the actual wall analysis (check for slip) and the bearing capacity of foundation soil.

Frame "Foundation"

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