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Basic Data

This part of the window serves to introduce basic parameters of soils - unit weight, angle of internal friction and cohesion. The particular values are obtained from geotechnical survey or from laboratory experiments. If these data are not available, it is possible to exploit built-in database of soils, which contains values of selected characteristics of soils. The characteristics of rocks are not listed in the database built, these parameters must be defined manually. Approximate parameters of rocks are presented in the theoretical part of the Help herein.

The associated theory is described in detail in chapter "Analyses in program Pile CPT".

For calculation of shaft resistance according to the EN 1997-2, NEN 6743 and LCPC (Bustamante) further needs to specify coefficient reducing the shaft friction αs. For coarse-grained soils - sands and gravels further needs to specify the magnitude of overconsolidation (OCR) and type of grains.

Dialog window "Add new soils" - "Basic data"