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Active Dimensions and Objects

The system of active dimensions and objects allows faster editing of input data.

  • Active dimension is a dimension that can be edited directly on the desktop. The value of the active dimension is labeled by a frame (dashed line). Clicking the left mouse button on the value then changes the frame view (is plotted by a solid line), the cursor starts to blink, and the dimension can be edited. The "Enter" button closes the editing mode. The change is immediately displayed on the desktop.
  • Active object functions in a similar way. Clicking the object (double click) then activates the editing mode. In this case, however, the values are not edited directly on the desktop, but rather in the dialog window originally used to create the object. The picture shows an example of an active object (surcharge), when clicking on the desktop opens the "Edit surcharge" dialog window. With active objects, it is also possible to use the context menu option.

Example of using active dimensions and active objects

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