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Excavation Design

GEO5 enables a complete design and analysis of the vertical sheeting structure of many types. Retaining walls can be anchored, strutted, or non-anchored.

The basic program for analysis of anchored or strutted retaining walls is "Sheeting Check". It allows calculations of real structure behavior using stages of construction, calculations of deformation and pressures acting upon the structure, verification of internal anchor stability and verification of steel, plastic, timber, or reinforced concrete cross-sections.

The "Sheeting Design" program is designated for a fast design of non-anchored structures, and basic design of anchored structures. The program calculates the required length of the structure in the soil and internal forces on the structure. The verification of a cross-section (concrete, steel, timber, plastic) can be performed.

Special case of a shoring structure made in the slope to prevent a landslide is the row of anti-slide piles. The program "Anti-slide Pile" allows analysis of this structure.

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