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Export IFC (BIM)

GEO5 programs allow to export data into the IFC format. This format is used as an exchange platform between the programs in the building information modelling area (also known as BIM).

The option of the export is available from the menu "File" / "Export" / "IFC format".

IFC Export

The programs allows to export graphical data corresponding with the constructions in the 3D visualisation. Another part of the IFC export is non–graphical data which can be imported into third party programs. As an example of an export we may set:

  • material properties of the structure (concrete, steel, masonry)
  • soil parameters (2D interfaces, 1D profile, front face resistance...)
  • cross sectional properties of shoring structures (piles, sheetpiles, rectangular walls...)
  • parameters of anchor elements (anchors, props, nails)
  • properties next to the structure (surcharge, water, front face resistance, applied forces...)
  • basic parameters of field tests and soil profiles

Before the export it is possible to select required data.

Selection of required data

The final structure of visualised data depends entirely on the program which we use. For clarity and functionality we can recommend for example BIM Vision, Tekla BIMsight, Xbim Xplorer.

Example of an imported structure into the "BIM vision" program

The export of IFC data is going to be clarified and amended within the next development according to real needs.

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