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Creation of User-defined Template

The program contains the pre-defined basic templates for the creation of a geological documentation for all field tests (borehole, CPT, SPT...). Because of the large number of requirements for geological protocols (logs), it is also possible to create User-defined templates.

The best way to create a user-defined template is to start with a predefined template and modify it according to the specific requirements. Using the "Add into the administrator" button, we define a user-defined template in the "Templates" frame.

The dialog window for the creation of a new template contains 4 parts:

  1. Part A - the name of the new template is defined here (e.g. according to the country, name of company, standard...).
  2. Part B - it is switched between field tests by tabs here. Each template defines all field tests.
  3. Part C - input data for the selected tab (field test) are defined here.
  4. Part D - the form of output protocols is defined here for each type of field test. The editing is done in the spreadsheet, and it is similar to work e.g., in MS Excel.

Dialog window "Add tests template"

Templates are compatible with each other and preserve the specified data as much as possible. The content of any fields that are taken from the basic templates will remain unchanged when the individual templates are switched.

The creation of a user-defined Template is described in detail in the engineering manual No. 44 - Creation of User-defined Template.

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