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Sheet Pile

The Sheet pile requires input of:

  • Cross section name (default name is generated by program, it can be changed using "User def." check box)
  • Cross section type - it is selected in the dialog window "Catalog of profiles" (button "Catalog")

The catalog of profiles contains a lot of classes of sheet piles and casings from different manufacturers (see below). If you use different types of products, please contact us (hotline@fine.cz), we will implement it into our catalog in the program.

Parameters input - sheet pile


Implemented sheet piles in our catalog

Steel sheet piles:

  • Vítkovice steel - Product catalog of sheet piles
  • Arcelor Mittal - Steel Sheet Piling, General Catalogue 2012
  • ThyssenKrupp Bautechnik - Sheet Piling Handbook
  • Chinese standard GB/T 20933-2014 Hot rolled sheet pile
  • Bethlehem Steel Sheet Piling
  • Gerdau Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles cold formed:

  • Mer Lion Metals - Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piles Catalogue

Trench sheeting:

  • ThyssenKrupp Bautechnik - Kaltgewalzte Spundwandprofile – Kanaldielen

Sheet piles O WOM/WOF:

  • Mer Lion Metals - Steel Sheet Piles Catalogue
  • PilePro Group Company - Sheet Pile Connectors

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