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Hodnocení uživatelů

Podívejte se, co o našich programech říkají naši uživatelé. Rovněž představujeme již realizované projekty navržené pomocí našich programů.

Spojené státy americké

Neuvěřitelné jak jednoduše se s GEO5 pracuje. Výpočty dělám výrazně rychleji než při ručním výpočtu. A zákaznická podpora reaguje okamžitě a profesionálně.

Khaled Eid, PE, Structural Engineer, SmithGroupJJR

The new Redi-Rock Wall Software incorporates three-dimensional analysis of specific retaining wall sections. It helps immensely to visualize the constructed wall by creating a rendered image of the wall.

Laura Helbling, EI, JC Hines & Associates, LLC

The software in general is very good and ties in well with the way we do things here. From our review, the calculation results compares very well with our methods for both slope stability and settlement. The graphics and the ‘point-and-click’ data input are also very good and makes the program very easy to use.

Brian Smith, Design Automation Engineer, Iowa Department of Transportation

Great software....highly recommend.....always updating/improving and implementing feedback from users.

Ken Symonds, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Tierra Inc., USA


I consider GEO5 far superior to other equivalent products from the competitors. GEO5 is versatile, friendly to use and it has multiple tools that allow to solve simple as well as very complex problems.



The excellent program with user-friendly interface and an extremely reliable results.

Rene Alexandre Galetti, Engenheiro

GEO5 software meets the designer's needs and has good technical support.

SMC, Engenharia e Consultoria

Practical, cost-effective and reliable.


GEO5 has helped in the study of alternative solutions for geotechnical problems. The new versions are fantastic !!!



Přechod na GEO5 bylo jedním z nejlepších rozhodnutí, jaké jsem v Alston Associates udělal! Během několika let používání jsem navrhl několik úprav, dnes jsou v programech všechny zapracované.

Colin Alston, P.Eng., Principal Engineer, Alston Geotechnical Consultants Inc.


I'm very happy with your programs. They are part of our tool in daily works.

Pedro Salvá, Structural Engineer, Vieco Ingeniería de Suelos LTDA

GEO5 is a great contribution for engineering, allows to understand  geotechnical theories through many programs with different solutions, consolidates the knowledge about the topics studied and allows to materialize a construction design and easily generate reports with very understandable graphic.

Kevin Saavedra Barguil, Civil Engineer

When teaching the use and interpretation of a good software like GEO5, not only allow the student to evaluate and understand the behaviour of a structure in the field in front of the design made, but also bring us their big smile and their eternal thank.

Daniel Alberto Moreno, Civil Engineer, Profesor at Universidad Santo Tomás de Tunja


GEO5 software is very well technically founded and very successful solving complex geotechnical engineering problems.The fact that the software is divided into modules for specific tasks makes it accessible in cost compared with the competition.

Ing. Julio Luna Rodríguez, Engineer

The GEO5 software is very useful. Thanks to this software, we have been able to design our own projects and advise our clients.

Pedro J. Villarreal P., Structural Engineer, Tree Contacto, SA de CV

As a company that designs and executes geotechnical work and the most common tasks are slope stability analysis and retaining constructions, GEO5 helps us to quickly find effective solutions for it.

Andrea Meyer, GEOCON


GEO5 helps me to reduce the time of modeling, analysis and design. The user interface is attractive, friendly and intuitive and it is easy to go from one program to another and what I appreciate the most is that everything is in your own language. 

Eng. José Harris, Independent engineer