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The frame "Edges" serves to input edges connecting the terrain points. Two options are available to define edges:

With the help of table: edges are defined in the table. Pressing the "Add" button opens the "New edge" dialog window; sequence numbers of the starting and end points are then specified and by pressing the "Add" button added to the table. An arbitrary number of edges can be defined in this way. The "Cancel" button is used at last to close the window. These edges can be further modified (in the dialog window) using the "Edit" button or removed with the help of "Remove" button (more edges can be marked in the table to remove them all at once - before removing, the selected edges are displayed on the desktop in red). Each change is immediately reflected on the desktop.

With the help of the mouse: this inputting mode is turned on by pressing a respective button on the horizontal bar. The following options are available:


  • to input an edge, click the starting and end points using the left mouse button (the mouse cursor changes - see picture) - after clicking the end point the program adds the corresponding edge into the table and at the same time displays this edge on the desktop. Providing the edge cannot be added (duplicity reason, crossing, etc.) the program prompts a warning message


  • clicking an already existing edge (see active objects) using the left mouse button opens the "Edit edge" dialog window, which allows for editing the sequence numbers of the starting and end points of the edge - in the dialog window the following buttons ("OK+ " and "OK+") can be used


  • clicking the edge using the left mouse button opens a dialog window, which requests to confirm deletion of the selected edge


  • activates the regime of graphical selection of edges (type of selection is set in the bar "Selections")

Edges can intersect neither other edges nor earth grading. Only one edge can be defined between two points. 

Visualization of drawing on the desktop can be modified in any input regime based on the setting adjusted in the "Drawing Settings" frame and with the help of buttons on the toolbar "Visualization".

Frame "Edges"

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