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The frame "Joints" contains a table with the list of input joints. Adding (editing) joints is performed in the "New joints" dialog window.

Joints can also be introduced using the mouse. This inputting mode is activated by clicking an appropriate button on the horizontal tool bar "Joints". The following modes are available:

  • Add

Clicking the left mouse button on the desktop introduces the joint location.

  • Modify

Clicking the left mouse button on already existing joint opens the "Modify properties of joint" dialog window, which allows for modifying its parameters.

  • Remove

Clicking the left mouse button on the joint opens the remove joint dialog window - accepting this action removes the selected joint.

  • Select

Clicking the left mouse button on the joint highlights the selected joint. The joint is simultaneously marked in the table list. The option allows for editing several joints at once (e.g. deleting).

The input joints can also be edited on the desktop with the help of active objects.

Frame "Joints"