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Verification of Rectangular RC Cross-Section Under M, V

The cross-section is rectangular, reinforced on one side and loaded by the bending moment M*.

The ultimate moment is provided by:

for fc' < 55MPa is α1 = 0.85

for concrete with greater strength is

for fc' < 30MPa is β1 = 0.85

for concrete with greater strength is

The program further checks whether the location of neutral axis c is less than the limit location of neutral axis 0.75cb given by:

The computed degree of reinforcement is checked using the following expressions:



First, the program computes the ultimate shear strength of concrete Vc.

for cross-sections with height smaller than 200mm

vc is computed acording to following formulas for cross-sections with height greater than 400mm, intermediate values are obtained using linear interpolation method.

where ρw is degree of reinforcement and fc' is limited to value 50MPa.

If the ultimate shear strength of concrete is exceeded, the ultimate shear strength Vmax is checked.

Next, the necessary reinforcement area is given by: