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Pressure Determination

The "Pressure specification" frame allows by pressing the button "Analyze" ("Input", respectively) for selecting a method for the calculation of active earth pressure. Choose option "Analyze" if you wish the active earth pressure to be computed automatically based on specified earth profile.

In some special cases (redistribution of earth pressures due to presence of anchors, nonstandard rotation of a structure) it advisable to specify the distribution of earth pressure on a structure manually. Selecting the option "Input" opens a table in the frame with a list of input points and the corresponding pressure value. The pressure is specified up to the depth of structure increased by the depth of zero point (the depth of zero point is introduced in the top part of the frame). The depth of zero point equal to zero is selected if we wish to specify the pressure values only up to the depth of construction ditch. Below the ditch the programs computes the pressure values based on the specified geological profile. Providing the earth pressure is specified manually the program does not account for the influence of terrain profile, surcharge and water.

Frame "Pressure determination"