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Options - Input

The "Input" tab allows setting the "Grid" parameters and parameters of functions "Undo" and "Redo".

This tab is implemented only in 2D programs (FEM, Slope stability, Settlement, Beam, etc.).


  • sets the grid origin and step in the x and z directions

Show grid

  • shows / hides grid on the desktop

Snap to grid

  • turns on / off the snap to grid option using the mouse (when shifting the mouse the cursor jumps over the defined grid - a point off the grid can be specified by holding the "CTRL" key)

Horizontal rule

  • shows / hides horizontal rule with a scale of distances on the desktop

Vertical rule

  • shows / hides vertical rule with a scale of distances on the desktop

"Undo and Redo" functions

  • turns on / off the possibility of using these functions in the program (on tool bar these buttons are "foggy")

In some modules it is possible to specify if the results are stored with undo data by checking "Keep results". Storing results with undo can be very time consuming. If the results are not stored, it is necessary to make the calculation again after pressing Undo.

"Options" dialog window - tab "Input"