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The "Material" frame allows for specifying the material parameters. The unit weight of a structure and material of a pile (concrete, timber, steel) are introduced in the input field in the right part of the frame.

The elastic and shear moduli need to be specified when assuming timber or steel piles.

In case of a concrete pile the concrete material and parameters of transverse and longitudinal steel reinforcements are required. Two options are available when selecting the type of material:

  • the "Catalog" button opens the "Catalog of materials" dialog window (for concrete or steel reinforcements), the list of materials then serves to select the desired material
  • the "Own" button opens the "Editor of material - Concrete" dialog window (for concrete) or the "Editor of material - Reinforcing steel bars" dialog window (for longitudinal steel reinforcements), which allows for manual specification of material parameters

The catalogs content depends on the selection of standard for the design of concrete structures set in the "Materials and standards" tab.

Frame "Material"