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The frame "Geometry" serves to input the pile cross-section (circular, rectangular, circular with enlargement, rectangular with enlargement) and a type of the pile (cast in place screw piles, prefabricated screw pile, continuous Flight Auger - CFA). Using input fields the cross-section dimensions are then specified for the selected cross-section.

This frame also serves to input a material of the pile (timber, concrete, steel) a geometry of position of the pile (a pile length in the soil, a pile head offset and a depth of finished grade). The selected shape with a graphical hint of input values is displayed in the right part of the frame.

The base bearing capacity coefficient αp is specified in the center part of the frame. This coefficient is by default automatically calculated based on the selected procedure while taking into account the type of pile and the surrounding soil.

When analyzing rectangular piles the pile shape coefficient s is introduced to reduce the base bearing capacity. When analyzing piles with enlargement the expanded pile base coefficient β is introduced to adjust the expanded base bearing capacity.

The program makes it possible to export the geometry of a structure in the *.DXF format.

Frame "Geometry"