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The "Geometry" frame allows for specifying the pile cross-section (circular, circular variable, rectangle, I-type cross-section) based on the theory of analysis (specified in the "Piles" tab). The selected shape with graphic hint is displayed in the central section of the frame. Input fields serve to specify dimensions of the selected cross-section.

Cross-sectional characteristics (area and moment of inertia) are computed by default, but they can also be specified (tubes, hollow cross-sections, steel I-profiles).

The bottom part of the frame serves to specify the pile location (pile lift out and the depth of finished grade). The pile lift out can also be negative - in such a case the pile is placed "in-ground".

For piles analyzed using the spring method method and analytical solution, it is possible to account for the influence of pile technology by selecting the specific type of pile or directly by inputting coefficients.

The program makes it possible to export the geometry of a structure in the *.DXF format.

Frame "Geometry"