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Dilatometric Test (DMT)

The dilatometric test (DMT) is performed by using a dilatometer, which operates on the principle of verification values by using the displacements of the inductive sensors (with a sensitivity of up to 0.001 mm). The advantage of these tests is a more accurate description of displacement and deformation of foundation soil.

General Layout of Dilatometer Test (source: [1], Figure 2, pp. 10)

The result of dilatometric test is its process plotted as a graph. The evaluation of dilatometric tests (DMT) are used as input parameters for the analyses in the "Spread Footing" program (settlement analysis using DMT), "Sheeting Check" and "Anti-Slide Pile" program (modulus of subsoil reaction specified by dilatometric test).

Import of DMT

The results of dilatometric test (DMT) are imported into the program by inserting the file in format UNI (*.uni). It is a standardized and universal format for import of the measured data obtained from dilatometric tests, which is used in the world.


Marchetti, S., Monaco, P., Totani, G. & Calabrese, M.: The Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT) in soil investigations. A Report by the ISSMGE Committee TC16, University of L'Aquila, Italy, 2001, 48 p.