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The frame "CPT" contains a table with list of cone penetration tests (CPTs). The CPTs are imported by pressing the "Import" button - the dialog window will open and CPTs for import can be selected. The procedure of an import of table data (*.txt) is more desribed herein.

Individual parameters of the test are defined in the "New CPT" dialog window. This window serves to input a name of the test ane the depth of the first point of the CPT d1 from the finished grade. The values of cone resistance qc [MPa] with respect to a depth measured from the 1. point of CPT) and local friction fs [kPa] (when calculating according to Schmertmann) can be edited in the table.

When performing classification of soils, the values of pore pressure u2 [kPa] must be entered. If the pore pressure was not measured (CPTU), it can be calculated from input GWT by pressing button "Calculate u2".

Dialog window "New test" ("Edit field test properties")

Frame "CPT"