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The "Analysis" frame displays the analysis results. The analysis is carried out by pressing the "Analyze" button in the right part of the frame. The frame has two variants. The first variant applies to a wall free of anchors (sheet pile) and the second one to an anchored (strutted) wall.

A coefficient of reduction of passive earth pressure (or factor of safety) together with a choice whether to consider a minimal dimensioning pressure behind the structure is specified for a non-anchored wall.

A type of heel support (fixed, free) and analysis parameters (coefficient of reduction of passive pressure, minimum dimensioning pressure) are specified for an anchored wall.

When performing the analysis according to EN 1997 or LRFD the design coefficients are introduced in the "Pressure Analysis" tab. Providing the analysis is carried out according to Design approach 1, it is necessary to also enter the combination number.

The analysis results are displayed on the desktop. Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Analysis" - non-anchored wall

Frame "Analysis" - anchored wall