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Adding and Editing Section

The "New section or Edit section" dialog window contains the following items:

Type of wall

  • combo list contains individual structural types of shetting walls (pile curtain, reinforced concrete rectangular wall, sheet pile wall, steel I cross-section, or user input of cross-sectional characteristics)

Section length l [m]

  • use input field to specify length of a given section of sheeting structure

Coefficient of pressure reduction below ditch bottom

  • this coefficient is used for calculation of braced sheeting - it can be either input or calculated automatically (for classical walls this coefficient is equal to 1.0)


  • contains information about geometry for selected structural variant. For pile curtain is defined diameter of piles d [m], spacing of piles a [m] and type of cross-section (square, circle). For reinforced concrete rectangular wall is defined its thickness h [m]. For steel I cross-section is defined spacing of profiles a [m]. For user input of A, I, E, G and option "Dimension of steel cross-section" is moreover defined cross-sectional modulus W


  • contains information about profile for selected structural variant "Steel I-section" (button "Catalog" opens the "Catalog of profiles", which contains a list with profile classes and individual profiles)


  • contains overview of cross-sectional characteristics of the input cross-section (A, I, E, G). Cross-section area A, moment of inertia I and cross-sectional modulus W are always evaluated for 1 m run of the sheeting structure length

The "User catalog" button in the bottom part of the window opens the "User catalog" dialog window.

Dialog window "New section"